Special | Summary 22

This time something different in the "Special | Summary .." bit of the Games section. Normally I give a summarised view of games to come. Or about interesting game-news. This time something different: Demo's. I thought about giving it it's own item inside the Games section. But when I think about the lack of Demo's this really doesn't make a lot of sense. (To give it it's own item in here). So it will pop-up every now and then in the "Special | Summary .." items. Personally I hate it that Demo's are even more rare then before. Thankfully Steam is picking it up since a couple of months (or even years) now. Before that I needed to go towards GamersHell for my needs...

SIGN MOTION | What do you get if you take Limbo and make it more brigther and colorfull ? Don't know ? Well what happens when on top of that you replace the key-figure of Limbo (a child) with a stick-figure ? Still don't know ? What happens when you change the most of the time wood-landscape with a landscape full with road signs that have been knocked over and such ? Well... ? You then get this game. There isn't really more to the game then that. I admit it is a nice idear. But besides that... Not really something I would buy or play any further then the Demo. If YOU like the idear behind it more then me. Go to Steam now ! It has already been released at the end of October last year (2014). It is however the first game Midnart has created. So from hear uphill with 20% ?! (Get it ? Joke :p)

DRIFTING LANDS | This is a typical side-scrolling space shooter. You had tons of these during the 80's and 90's ! The game is yet to be released. So not out yet. Alkemi (the developers of this game) have been thus far busy with this and another title: Transcripted. The Demo for that title has vanished tough. So this any good ? Well if you look at the images and videoclip you think it would be. Nice graphics, typical side-scroller difficulty. And a nice feel/vibe to it. The Demo counts 3 levers, on normal and hard difficulty. But I found the normal already hard. The control options make you feel left-out because it only shows the consoles-controllers. They could have done a bit more effort. Or just and only release it on console. This is game for the Wii and Wii U players or Playstation. Or maybe even Xbox 360 / Xbox One. But not for the PC. And I think that is mostly because of the way they created it ! There is happening too much on a big screen-resolution. When it starts it's okay. But soon there is happening too much in a too-little piece of air/space. Too bad, because I was looking forward to this when I saw the footage... Back to UN Squadron in Mame 32 then...

BETRAYER | This is the weirdest of them all. When I saw this the first time I thought it was just in black/white and red. But you also have color options, so that you can give the world it's full color (or even a bit too much). This game takes place around the 17th century. So that means primetive weaponry. And the start of the gun-era. A lot of stealth bits in this game. And also the parallel universe bit from Painkiller (and others titles). Did not really got a solid image from this game. But it was entertaining enough. You start with nothing and lateron you become more powerfull (with weapons and such). Every character in the game is in red tough. And the main character you come across often is even refered to as: Maiden in Red. Maybe something for you if you like that particulair era of our history. And if you want something mixed up with it. Personally I would then go for The Witcher (1). Which is also free-roaming and story-follower. It is already out since March last year. (This is the first Blackpowder has created, and instantly a solid/good one !)

AVGN ADVENTURES | In full this game is called: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. It isn't really a Demo I played. But a short play-session. I did manage the first level, and had fun with it. But the second was an eye-opener ! This game is hard. And that's fine if you want that/expect it. I didn't expect it tough. Okay harder then some games I did expect. But this is old-fashion hard. Again, that's good if you look for that in a game. The idear is good. And for a 2D game it's good ! But why all these things based on games, that do exist ? I thought this was a game where in the Nerd would pop-out in a game where everything was right, without flaws... Wrong ! Well I couldn't find a flaw yet, so that is a big plus. I hope to find my expectation in the next game. If you want to try this out, it's a game from 2013. So on Steam it's already 9,99.

P.S.: One more thing then ! GTA V has been moved from the 27th of January back to the 24th of March. Rockstar did a compromise however. If you order the game before the 1st of February you will get 1 milion dollars in game (the half for the story-side. The other for online). And with a free game. On Steam you can't choose this free game. There you will just get GTA San Andreas. But for that you get an extra $300.000 in game (online). Personally I don't want to pre-order just yet. And I don't want it digital. I want to keep mine GTA's on disc and with casing. (Maybe old fashioned, but that is the way I want it). And I want the map and everything with it. For me it's enough to get the 1 milion dollars for free when I come from the 360 towards the PC, with all the extra vehicles and stuff ! Somehow it sucks that the game is delayed again. On the other hand I have enough games left to play... (As many on PC Gamer said).