Special | Summary 21

ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON WORLD | It has been announced for the mobile a couple of weeks ago and now the PC version has been announced as well. For the PC it will have the sub-title: World. Which refers to the fact that you can run one giant theme park with 3 other players online in a kind off co-op. Don't worry, as far as I read now you all will get one piece of the park with your own fundings and stuff and your own ratings / statistics. So the other players aren't able to bring you down for it. Besides that they will remain close to the original game. But in the 3D fashion from RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. Which if you ask me wasn't that good.

PORTAL 2: APERTURE TAG | A mod that costs money isn't a good thing. At first this mod should cost anything and when it came out last month it suddenly did. Thankfully you are able to download some of the maps in other versions from the Steam community itself (Workshop). And I played co-op in stead. Never played it, only the single player till so far (from 2). And now then finally the co-op. I must say they did it pretty well. And there is also some fun to it. Which is always nice.

THE CREW | Finally I was able to join the beta last week. I didn't get the token from Ubisoft but trough the give away from PC Gamer. Thanks for that guys. The keys went away earlier like candy. After a couple of GB's I could play. There is already alot spoken about the solid 30 frames per second. Personally I don't mind it, it's solid enough. And the graphics still need to be adjusted. So don't worry, the sun-glare however is something to worry about. I didn't a thing the first couple of seconds. The handling on the first / second car is terrible. But when you are at the point of buying your first car it changes (thankfully). The tuning and everything is still a research bit. There were some bugs tough. when I entered and left the tuning shop the car bounced around. So I could report that back to Ubisoft (so I did). I will play it later again. 'Cause this weekend it was down for maintenance I think. It wouldn't connect, that's for sure.

GTA IV MOD | Grand Theft Auto IV has a mod ? Yes in fact I already tested one, and I still need to play another one. The first one is GTA IV CARMAGEDDON; in this quiet simple mod every car will get zero gravity. Which means bouncing cars. I saw it on PC Gamer, and needed to see what it did. It's hillarious, try to reach the other side of the map now Niko Bellic. Only things that aren't affected are boats, bikes and heli's. The other mod I still need to do/install and asks a bit more knowledge of installing: #WATCHDOGSIV. In this you go in to Liberty City as Aiden Pierce. For the looks you will need a different Skin mod. (Because that isn't included). But every trade from WatchDogs is overall well ported to this mod. It looks awesome, plays awesome it seems. Go to PC Gamer or Kitguru and find the information about it. You can let ATM machines flip, start/stop the Underground system. And even raise poles from the ground. (Which weren't in GTA IV in the first place).

SHADOWGATE | An old NES game appearently. A text-based / point and click adventure. It is published for the PC at the end of last month on Steam. I am not sure if I should try / buy it. So if you are familliar with this title and want to know what to expect go somewhere else to be sure.

INVISIBLE INC | At the end of last month this game went on to launch in Steam Early Access. It's from the creators of MARK OF THE NINJA. And it's another stealth game. Only this time from the point of view that is most of the time used in RTS games. Nice thing you can turn the security things against the enemy. So MARK OF THE NINJA (tools) mixed with PORTAL/DEUS EX HUMAN REVOLUTION. When it will come out for real I will sure grab this one. I was fan from MARK OF THE NINJA.

GTA V | So on the E3 it was announced for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. But appearently there was a rumour it wouldn't come to the PC at all. Or was pushed back into 2015. The first thing is for sure not the case, as confirmed by some Rockstar employees. The 2nd thing (2015) isn't confirmed nor denied. But it's still bound to come out in this years fall-time.

DYING LIGHT | Now this game has been pushed back in to 2015. Which we don't actually mind. Because this game is bound to be good. They showed some more of it during PAX from last week. It is still on the right track...