Summary 20 (Steam Summer Sale and more ...)

So Steam Summer Sale has came to an end before July started. I picked up two titles, instead of more. DEUS EX: THE FALL | It's the prologue to DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION. People that saw me buying this told me I was in for a disaster. But it isn't that bad. Sure this was made for Consoles, more then for PC. But when you are used to the different lay-out it handles basicly the same. It's different story, with a lot of connections to Human Revolution. Till so far, I enjoyed myself. The 2nd title is quiet an instant buy for me when it came on sale... F1 2013: CLASSIC EDITION | I already played the normal part of F1 2013. And I must say Codemasters has finally reached the old level of F1 games by EA. Which weren't bad if you ask me. Some may find Grand Prix better, but F1 was for me the big deal, with more detail. The Classic part I still need to play. So bare with me...

AUTO CLUB REVOLUTION v2: CLOSED ALPHA | I played two weekends of Close Alpha testing till now. Some minor changes till now. The tracks look better. You will get a time penalty afterwards for hitting someone. Or if it's real worse, it will be given instantly. One of the cars had inside view (cockpit). But the biggest change is the loss of the web-interface. It was completely in a client. Maybe that's the case because of the Alpha testing. Or maybe you can do both in the end. But it was quiet a suprise (for me at least). The car tree is back. The upgrades system has been re-done. And you can transfer EXP into Credits and so on... Closed Beta testing should start quickly. When it does I will be back with more info.

As said in Summary 19 (E3) I will come back at GRAND THEFT AUTO V. Finally it comes to the next-gen and PC. Next-gen was known. PC not confirmed for a while. But all the petitions and odd-articles helped, it will come ! One retail shop said it will come in November. To evade the October madness. But personally I don't believe in that kind of weirdness. It will be sold massively none the less. Even if you put it on the block in the summer it will sell. Some games have already taken the trailer into bits. And discovered Hammer head sharks. Cats. New graphical innovations. And much more. I can't wait to play it. And to download my iFruit app from the Windows Phone Store. Till then I will watch GTA V being played / fun walktroughs by others. And I will play it regular on a Xbox 360 from a friend. And besides that I will remain active in GTA IV online.

PC Gamer started giving away Steam Key's in co-op with Bundle Stars. Tomorrow will be the 4th title out of 5. The first was SPACE CHEM, a real nice puzzle game. DINO D-DAY was the 2nd, an odd Call of Duty game with dinosaurs. And REALLY BIG SKY was out last week. A top down side scrolling space shooter. If you want to get the games previously released for free, you will have to wait for another give-away next year or so. Or buy them ! And the 4th title will be pickable tomorrow around 5pm UK time.