Special | Summary 2
First things first they made me fear a bit when some rumours said: Resident Evil 5 will also come to the PC. Don't let that game come towards the PC. Please Capcom let it stay at the consoles were it is normal to stand still before you can shoot :) But thank god for me, IGN or other sides don't have it confirmed jet, so I can breath normally.
Then something different that got my attention before I posted this item on the web. The hunting games are back appearently. These type of games were huge a couple of years ago (say early 90's). You are a hunter and you hunt for all kinds of animals. Equiped with silencer and all kind of weapons you needed to deliver some animals to someone. Now I've found a new game: The Hunter. A game that is going to be developed by Avalanche Studios. Thoes men are behind the developing of Just Cause 1 and 2 ! And that is made clear to you when you see the screenshots of this game. The game is playable online. So give it a try... Search for the game and play it.