Special | Summary 19 (E3)

So this is the second time I am covering more items at once (only this year spread into 2 items). I also did the same last year. So first off the E3 from last month... See the other Summary (20) for the Steam Summer Sale and more... That I need to tell / like telling

ASSASSINS CREED UNITY | Now Assasins Creed has dropped to the background for me. And I didn't hear much about it till this point. It features a 4 player co-op which looked nice tough. And the graphics look stunning, once again.
BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE | Something I honoustly don't have an oppinion on. Battlefield is not really my game. So I will skip this. But it looked promising as far as I heard from people who WANT to play it.
BAYONETTA 2 | Now this is an odd release, when it comes out. The first installment came for the Playstation and Xbox. But the 2nd installment only comes to the Wii. And it is a direct sequel. The other weird thing it was displayed at 60fps. But we already know that Watch Dogs needed to be tuned down and 60fps on a Wii is not standard. But we'll see.
CALL OF DUTY ADVANCED WARFARE | No Modern Warfare or Black Ops this time. So maybe this will be big again. Ghosts from last year was also an original title, but didn't had much new things. This however looks different, and 'feels' different. But can't say something usefull just now. We have to wait till November.
CRACKDOWN | Now this one is just as odd, if not odd'er then Bayonetta. The studio that makes this is formed by the original creator of Crackdown. It's the 3rd installment in the series. And is NOT a re-make from the first title in the series. (It only has the same name). It will come out for Xbox One, it doesn't has a release date just yet.
THE CREW | Now last year was this a game together with THE DIVISION. Unfortantly the last one has some delay. This title will come this November. Not really new footage was shown. But a date for closed beta was given. The 23rd of this month is a date most closed beta players should look forward to. I've requested a 'token' as well. When I get it, I will inform you on my findings: how this plays and so on...
CRITERION GAMES PROJECT | Now this is still an unnamed game. Without release date. Criterion has started a new project, involving ATV's, Helicopters, Planes and Jet ski's. And you as a player view everything in first person appearently. How this will work out, we have to see in upcoming view months. If we are getting more info, between now and E3 2015.
DEAD ISLAND 2 | Now this is nice. Never thought that the first one would be that, what it was. So I am curious what the 2nd part will do.
DESTINY | A game of which I don't know much. It looks nice. Is a complete new title... Which isn't much the case at E3 this year... In September we should be able to play it.
FABLE LEGENDS | Another Fable game I hear you screaming !? Yes indeed. It uses SmartGlass (the app). It's set 400 years before the first Fable. And it's an online only title. Will Lionhead be able to pull this one of ? Fable was at first also a title with a lot of predictions. Hopefully this will keep them. (Xbox One only).
FAR CRY 4 | Personally I didn't like the direction Far Cry 3 went. I was more a fan of the first 2 installments. Far Cry 4 is still a big guess for me. It's in the mountains, which could work or backfire... Always like the boats in the 2nd installment. But we will see. Hopefully not to much realism like in 3.
FORZA HORIZON 2 | Now the first one was nice. Didn't think open world Forza could be good, but they really did a great job with it. Now the 2nd installment will come. Hopefully just as good...
GEARS OF WAR 4 | Epic has sold the property to Microsoft, they gave it to Black Tusk. Nothing is known about this 4th game. But everyone thought that Gears of War 3 was the last one in the franchise. We know Black Tusk from there former name: Microsoft Vancouver. Both names result in no titles released till now (A Kinect project cancelled under there previous name, and a still to be released new big IP to demolish HALO). Curious what it will bring...
GRAND THEFT AUTO V | Rockstar Games would be on E3, for the 2nd time in there history. But they weren't. Playstation 4 had the honours of letting the trailer go to the public. And after that presentation it was confirmed by Rockstar that it will come to Xbox One and PC as well. And it will be released in the Fall of this year. So a full year after the previous gen release. The game will get an improved graphics system: more traffic, people and wildlife (read: new). And an enhanced video editor for the PC. More on this title in Summary 20, which you can find in the Games section.
HALO 5 GUARDIANS | The first real Halo for Xbox One. It will come in the Fall of 2015. It's from 343 Industries. Which also did Halo 4. And Halo Spartan Assault. And the Anniversay edition of Combat Evolved. It is bount to maintain a 60fps. Which I think will be reaced, given the fact that this is an inhouse title (more or less).
HALO THE MASTERCHIEF COLLECTION | Is a collection of Halo 1, 2, 3 and 4. All in 1080p on 60fps for the Xbox One. Also done by 343 Industries. Personally I don't see the use of it. The Anniversary edition was cool. Because of the major difference in graphics. And Halo 2 could be nice with updated graphics. But 3 and 4, come on... They are still quiet recent titles. But oh well, appearently there is a market for it. This November it will be released.
HOMEFRONT 2 THE REVOLUTION | The first game in the series was a pain in the 'ass' for me. Didn't like the storyline, didn't like the way it was controlled by the player. And didn't like the overall look to it. But I don't have it with Deep Silver games either. So maybe this will be different, but I won't try it. Unless Crytek UK (the team behind TimeSplitters not Crysis or Ryse) makes something special about it. After THQ went bust.
LARA CROFT AND THE TEMPLE OF OSIRIS | The follow up from the Guardian of Light. Only now with a 4 player co-op. Personally I don't think it will work on a small screen. So I would like to see an Online only co-op for this. Besides that it should be a hit once more. Guardian of Light I really liked playing in co-op.
RIST OF THE TOMB RAIDER | Was also shown. I did get a feeling, that I also got from Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness (when I saw the trailer). But hopefully Crystal Dynamics will make it right, like they have done till now... It will still feature the mature graphic image of Lara Croft, which is good.
MIRROR'S EDGE II | This has yet to get a release date. And I am curious of what they will do with it. They could mess it up...
MORTAL KOMBAT X | The trailer let us saw some nice features / old habits. It is confirmed that the cast will feature 2 old fighters and 4 new fighters (till now). Which is always good for a fighting game. And aspecially Mortal Kombat. In the end you will have 24 fighters to chose from. And 3 styles to chose from per fighter. With different fighting techniques and combo's. Which can't be changed on the go.
RAINBOX SIX SIEGE | In 2015 there is a new RAINBOX SIX coming out. With still the Tom Clancy name attached to it. It looked amazing. And I did really get the urge to play this one, which I didn't had with Rainbox Six Vegas. The title was first known as Rainbox Six Patriots. It has a multiplayer (co-op) an offline co-op and single player. And goes back to the tactical basics. Which is good, because it became to much Call of Duty / Ghost Recon. As said the trailer on the E3 looked promising
THE SIMS 4 | It has already been told that this newest edition in the franchise will not feature pools or toddlers. Which is strange. But I think we can count on many more DLC to come for this installment. We can say for sure now: Maxis has become EA, and is not just a part of EA.
SUNSET OVERDRIVE | I came across this title on IGN, where they listed the games shown on E3. I like the graphic style. And the colors on the screen. Besides that there isn't mutch to tell yet. Xbox One exclusive. Is reminds me of XIII. Only without the shell-shaded style. It mixes Mirror's Edge with a shooter like Bulletstorm, quiet odd. The makers Insomniac Games are known for: Spyro, Ratchet & Clanck and Resistance (Playstation exclusives most of the time).
TETRIS ULTIMATE | Ubisoft who does Tetris ? Serious ? Well yes, and this was shown on the E3. How much more odd things can you find in one title ?! It's there 30th Anniversary (from Tetris), so this is a good occasion. It will come to next-gen and PC. Somewhere in Q3 of this year. We'll see what it will bring...
THE DIVISION | As said no new footage from this or The Crew. Other then some dev. diaries for the App for tablets. And that they are going to downgrade it on PC. So that the consoles have the same experience. Quiet odd if you ask me. Next-gen consoles that are already facing with downgraded PC games. And the PC must take the costs for it. Unbelievable. It still looks good tough. So no Watch Dogs drama overhere (yet). Curious about that snow-engine tough. If that will remain in place. It has to look as good as The Crew and Rainbox Six Siege none the less. Otherwise the hype is completely gone. And unfortantly this game needs the graphic part.
THE WITCHER 3 | Now the 2nd part isn't that old yet. This will come somewhere in Q1 of 2015. It will end the story line for Geralt of Rivia. And it will remain an open world. On the Xbox One it will even use SmartGlass. Personally I will pick it up, if it comes back on the level of part 1. Part 2 was not good in controls and Camera.