Special | Summary 17

GTA V (JUNE 2014) | It would come in March, but the rumours now go for a June release. Together with a PS4 and Xbox One release. It's more reliable, but true ?! The PC community (myself included) hope so.
WATCH DOGS (MAY 2014) | The first images / gameplay of this game gave us graphics that are insane. The recommendation for the system of gamers followed, and were higher then ever before. But the recent footage had a downward spiral. Some special lightning and such were suddenly worse then in any other game. But the overall graphics were still solid and in a slidely different style. This is the new trailer that came out recently. I couldn't find the footage that showed the down-poor in graphics, etc...
THIEF | I played it, played it for 1,5 hour and found it boring. But maybe it's something personal. Besides that I had a bug at the end of the 2nd level. Which got me stuck in the game. And therefor an early exit. My biggest problem was the first person perspective instead of 3rd person. It would have make it easier to navigate / plan your actions. Besides it tried to be Dishonoured, but we already have that game.
THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE | It is finally out. But I am hearing mixed things about it. Personally it didn't kept me stuck to the game. You must travel quiete much for another quest, and that ain't me.
TOM CLANCY'S: GHOST RECON PHANTOMS | After Ghost Recon Online went down in players, they are now re-starting the online play with this title. It came out in the last couple of days. I still need to play it...
THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF VAN HELSING II (MAY 2014) | I still need to play the first title (from this, now, franchise) which I bought in last years Steam Summer Sale. But the 2nd installment is already nicer looking. Hopefully it doesn't have the same faith as Dungeon Siege II, which was utter s**t.
THIS WAR OF MINE (Q4 ?) | This time you don't play a soldier but the victims of the war: the people. In a war-survival game. A different approach to it all. I hope it turns out well. It comes at the end of this year for PC, Mac and Linux