Special | Summary 15 (E3, Steam Summer Sale and more)

So it took a bit of time but the Summary article is back in the game section. The last entry was in the last month of 2011. After that a lot of game previews, reviews and specials. But no Summary in between. But that is about to change. I will do a regular Summary from now on again. So let's start with the past events the E3 and the Steam Summer Sale.

E3 | So there were a lot of games on this years E3. Offcourse there are a lot of sequels on already good-titles. But I will sum up some of the titles that aren't that big yet. Or still need to make a name for them selves. (Okay some titles are sequels). Let's Start:

BEYOND TWO SOULS: This is a title with a big role for Ellen Page. She did all the motion capturing and sound-acting for her own person in the game. She is trained as a militairy psychic. And need to solve some tough missions. Don't know how this will work entirely. But it seems like a great PS3 title. It will be released at the beginning of October. DEADFALL ADVENTURES: Don't know if this game is any good. But the idear is quiete new. It still needs to be released somewhere in September on the PC and Xbox 360. DIABLO III (FOR CONSOLES): This game has been received with mixed feelings on the PC. It doesn't seem to be better then the 2nd Diablo. So I hope it will be better for the Console owners. It is expected to launch at the start of next month. And it will also come to the PS4. DESTINY: Now this game can be good. From the creators of the original Halo. Bungie Studios will team up with Activision for the (what might be) the successor to Halo. The first moving images promised something sci-fi-like. Somewhere in 2014 or 2015 it should come out. DRIVECLUB: A new exclusive racing title for the PS4 in 2014. That is totally made with the share button of the PS4 controller in mind. It describe it's self as a fully customizeable game with free-to-create challenges, etc. Let's see what is what when it comes out. DYING LIGHT: Now this game could be interesting. Mix Dead Island and Mirrors Edge. And get a zombie setting with free running from Mirrors Edge. It seems good from the first 12 minutes of gameplay. With a lot of choices. It will come out somewhere in 2014 for the PC and Consoles. FEZ II: It was announced but Cancelled as well. Unfortunately Fish left the industry. Fez is still on my Steam account, and I love it. Too bad. KILLER INSTINCT: Is coming back as a launch title along side the Xbox One appearently. This remake will be done by the boys of Double Helix, instead of Rare. Let's hope it will be just as good as the game from the Arcades. Double Helix isn't that popular yet. MIRRORS EDGE 2: hopefully this will be better then the first installment. On the Windows Phone it was kind-off cool. It doesn't have a release date yet. NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS: After to remakes (Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted) made in co-working with the Criterion boys, it is now time for a new title. It has some great cars and great ideas. So will it be good ? We can find out in the middle of November this year. THIEF: Will be getting a remake by Square Enix. Hopefully they can lift it up just as good as they did with the Tomb Raider franchise. It will come out in 2014. TITANFALL: Now this game I really must play to say if it's good or not. The first images / clips of this game showed awesome things. But don't let it be another Dark Void. It's the first game of this developer with the help of EA.

Then the Ubisoft Titles during the E3 | THE CREW: A game where you can drive around with a couple of friends. And challenge another group. I like the idear, hopefully it will work good. It has a very detailed map from the US, that's a start. (2014 is the release date, they say). WATCH DOGS: This is somwhere between I am Alive and the Tom Clancy games. And hopefully for the title it self more towards the last option. GTA but then teamed up with Splinter Cell things. This will be released late November this year. TOM CLANCY'S THE DIVISION: A new game title from Tom and Ubisoft. With just like the crew alot of team up-vibe. It looked already good. Hopefully it will be. I need to have this... Curious if they will do a crossed platform team-up feature as well. That would be great, in the winter of 2014...

STEAM SUMMER SALE | Then there was the Steam Summer Sale last July. For 11 days, oh it was fun... I bought: Portal 2, Mark of the Ninja, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, GTR, The Witcher Enhanced Edit. and Age of Empires III Complete Collection. The last 3 are some of my favorite games of all time. For the Witcher I didn't had any spare time left when it came out / when I bought it. So now I will take revenge. And the Enhanced Edit. should be better. And GTR was just awesome. And very cheap. Portal 2 was already a game that I have played. But didn't had it in my collection yet. And didn't played it fully. (With co-op and everything).
Mark of the Ninja is a game I wanted to play. And now with the summer sale it was the perfect opportunity. I will put up a review about this game somewhere in between the upcoming updates. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. Is pure a game-buy. Based upon teasers and images of the game on Steam. And some reading on game sites. But not too much of that last bit. I just needed this game. This brings back memories when I played Dungeon Siege way too much. All be it for the way this game handles. And operates. I played it already for a view minutes. So very briefly. But I am already impressed.