Special | Beta, and more...

In the last couple of weeks/months there were a lot of games (announced) I didn't play or anything like that. However Today I made myself a list and saw some things. So hereby my list (of what to do/what to keep in mind):

GTR3 | This is still a game which is in progress. But personally I always had more with this franchise then the Race series or gtR from the same developer: SimBin. Check the teaser site here.

F1 Online | The creators from F1 2010 and F1 2011 have opened up the closed beta for F1 Online. A free to play web-based game that allows you to race in multiplayer, like many other games. But also to create custom teams and tracks. To build your HQ and development team. Which gives the game much more debt/strategy feel. Check/check in @ this website

L.A. Noire | Has also made his step in november towards the PC but I still couldn't get my hands on it. But that's about to change, because this looks like some well spend gameplay.

Trine 2 | Already downloaded the demo @ Steam, but didn't had the time to play it yet.

GTA V | Already talked about this game here.

Saints Row: the Third | I a did a Preview about this game. But a Review was not worth it, based upon the PC version. The game is better then the 2nd installment of the franchise but still not addictive enough on the PC.

Alan Wake | Has been announced for the PC after being cancelled first. Thing is I heard mixed reactions from the X360 owners. Some people liked it, others hated it.

RAGE | Still a game I want to test/play. But didn't have the time for it yet.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier | A title who has been postponed once more.

Law & Order: Legacies | I'm a fan of the TV series, can't change that...