Special | Summary 13 (incl. Chime & Inside a Star-filled Sky)

A lot of arcade / pc games are already been released. But I was not yet able to review them so I will put them on a pile and preview / review them in one shot ! First some games in Preview, cause I didn't have the time to play them yet, but saw them online @ IGN.

Review | Chime
Tetris but then in a different shape. Each composer comes with a set of levels in this game. Each level contains a song, which will sound better everytime you will up the music card like field. Fill up the whole field and you will hear the song like it should. Shabby description ? Well that is possible, because I can't really describe the game well. But believe me it's new and addictive. I can't stop playing ! And that for a game that is actually a puzzle game.

Review | Inside a Star-filled Sky
A mind blowing top-down survival game. You are a tiny star-monster and needs to survive in a star-galaxy/sky. You can enter enemy's / power ups / and yourself. Quite redicilous when you think of it. You just have to play it, to believe and see it !