Special | Summary 10

It has been a time since I uploaded a Games Summary, but it's necessary again, so here I go. Deus Ex 3 game (aka: Human Revolution). I saw this today, and I went insane. Some crazy ass weapons and some nice level design. Overall I don't know much about the game. And the game is planned on shipping worldwide in Q2 of 2011.

Portal 2 has been moved towards April of 2011. But in a way that only Valve can do. Most of the time you would hear from developers: it's better for the market. But Valve say it's better for the differences in timeline between Portal and our world. (Yeah right, like we believe that kind off bull*).

The Witcher 2 will come in the first halve of 2011 as well. Major difference between the first and this one ? Instead of RPG from free 3rd person mouse-look, you will know have a 3rd person view. Which makes the game graphical more attractive. But also for consoles more attractive. And that is exactly what CD Project is going to do. It will come for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Title: Assassins of Kings. So less gathering intel and more action for the 2nd installment of this hack and slash RPG.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit came out. And yes I will review it, altough I hate the Need for Speed series by now. And the way they started to re-count there titles is wack.

Then one last thing: Fable III will come towards the PC afterall. This has been confirmed and the makers are already working on it...