Re:Play | Sniper Elite V2

So the up to the next Re:Play item in the Games section. A game you were allowed to keep after a certain weekend: Sniper Elite V2 ! Is this any good after it's release back in May 2012 ? (Received it in 2014)

I never ever played this game. But heard much about it. And seen many things about it. The studio behind it 505 Games and Rebellion are known for: PayDay 2, previous and later Sniper Elite's, Aliens vs Predator, Judge Dredd (2005) and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six in '99 and '09. So how good is this on a modern standard ? Is it a solid World War 2 sniper/shooter ?

So at first I thought this was just about the sniper action like you see it in the Sniper Ghost Warrior franchise. But you even get an assault rifle and pistol. And from time to time a rocket launcher. The settings are damn well made. Even after over 2 years it still looks pretty. The franchise is known for there bullet-kill-cam when hitting an enemy on a cruel spot. And all of this works well. I had a lot of fun during this game. And that in a game were there isnt't too much wrong. Some times the enemy is to dumb to go around a corner. Or comes at you without his gun pointing. But on other occasions they are really curious what is around the next corner. Or what it is the distance... Did I saw a glinstering of a scope or not ? Other times they see you earlier then you see them. But it never gets irritating... The bullet-kill-cam's are not overwelming. The explosions from gas-barrels or grenades are awesome even after 2 years ! So is this game still worth it ? Yes ! If you like Call of Duty before all the modern / black ops stuff then you will appreaciate this one. If you found Sniper Ghost Warrior too much focusing on the sniper, this is the game for you. It's just great, couldn't say otherwise.

May '12: PC.PS3.X360, 21 May '13: WiiU | Rebellion, Rebellion / 505 Games