Preview | ReCore

Just like Mafia III, ReCore is also a game I saw on Gamescom. But unlike Mafia III it was quite full overthere as you could play the game straight away. It took a while but I had set my mind to play the demo first. Thank god I did ! Quite a few developers are in on this game. MS Game Studios being the most common one. Armature Studio is known for: Metal Gear Solid's HD collection, Injustice, Borderlands collection and Batman Blackgate. Comcept was till so far best known for: Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z and Mighty No. 9.

You can see/feel quite much Yaiba' in this game. The somewhat fast paced action. And chaining moves to each other. For the rest I am not sure what to think of this game. During the demo I already collected some achievements as the whole first part/world/level of the game is explained to you. But nothing lured me in to buying this game or be really amazed. That was something that I DID expect more or less after seeing the teasers and trailers for this game. So will this be a big hit ? Well I guess it will be similair to Yaiba' and for being rated a T it will get the young audience attention. And it should !

September 2016: PC.XOne | Microsoft, Armature Studio / Comcept / Microsoft Game Studios