Review | Portal Stories: Mel

So Portal Stories: Mel has been finally released late June (the 25th to be precise). 16 Hours later and I finished the game. Some have managed to do it in half the time. But not for me. It was quite hard to manage. Even more so in the beginning of the game.

The problem with this free add-on Mod is that it uses new / and combines old. But it isn't explained to you as a character. And the sense it made in Portal and Portal 2 is most of the time gone ! This makes the game harder. But half way through the game it's easy again. Where Portal 2 (even) was getting steeper along the way, this game is bouncing up and down.

The Level design / everything around it, is nice tough. It really let's you show there went a lot of effort into that. The one thing that hasn't got the design treatment as much is: Aegis. The robot-enemy. Which is a bit odd with the rest of the game looking that good. Even the back-bone of Aperture and the decay-chambers with all the plants and goo are nice done.

So the levels are hard. But the whole story is solid. Aegis could have been a more pain in the ass (for me). But it's okay. All and all for a free game it's sublime. And it expands the life time of the whole Portal franchise. I won't give away too much. So you have to find the game out yourself. And sometimes it can be frustrating. But oh well, that's Portal.

out now: PC | Prism Studios, Prism Studios