Review | No Man's Sky

UPDATE: On the bottom of this item you will find the 2nd part of the video. The text I didn't adjust because in this 2nd part I already discuss a couple of points I actually wanted to write down.

So... My first video Review. It is not perfect. And it needs some tweaks as well. But for a first one it catches the things I want in a Review quite well. As I mention in the video it self there will be a 2nd part. And I will upload that towards the Channel as well. As I will add it to this item/review as well. (So an update of this item will be in place). I don't know yet when I will do the 2nd part. I will first put in some more time myself. So that part two will be look-back towards part one / what the rest of the industry tells about the game. If you have any suggestions leave them at the 'feedback' address.

So as mentioned above this is still a review 'under construction' ! Because I haven't seen much of it yet (2 hours). And that is not because of technical issues. The only technical issue till so far for me are some framedrops. But they are not that annoing till so far. My starting planet was on fire, literally. Altough you couldn't see any flames. That gave quite an easy challenge. But still something to be aware of. During the night it would cool down. It took me a couple of seconds to get used to the controls. And all the options that were possible. It helps that I played Destiny for a couple of hours, when that was launched. Because the Inventory is almost identical with still some nice differences. The HUD is completely different from Destiny.

It took me around 30 minutes, to collect the necessary stuff to repair my ship. And I was wandering around for another hour or so. To find beacons. A trading post. A language stone. Some nice man-caves :) The hyper drive was already loaded with some material so I could get quicker to the space station. And leave the atmosphere of the planet quicker. The space station it self reminds of Tron (the art style). To sum it up till so far:

My system (as reference): AMD FX 8350, 16GB Ram, SSD (Windows), 2 SATA for Games and stuff (so No Man's Sky is on a regular SATA disk), GTX960 by Gigabyte with 4GB, Creative Audigy 2 Sound Blaster (for the nice music in the area of the Space station)

P.S.: Can't wait for my Explorer Edition to arrive... :D :D :D

Around 11:10 the actual gameplay starts again. Around 26:40 I came back to my starting point from Part 1, and @ 36:35 you can see what it's like to get formiliar with a new planet you have just discovered.

Out now: PC.PS4 | Hello Games, Hello Games