Preview | Murdered: Soul Suspect

So sometimes Square Enix seem to publish a game that slipped through. Murdered: Soul Suspect is such a game it seems. Altough I only played it for 40 minutes. By then I was tired of the game. And that wile at first I was looking out for this game. The game doesn't explain a lot. It's hard to understand from time to time. The graphics are nice. The characters are well done. But the whole figuring out what has happened to you as a ghost. And surviving the demons that hunt you down ? No thanks ! It tries to much Ghost Whisperer/The Crow things in game-form. But it fails in my view. 5.5 out of 10 from IGN says enough I think.

June 2014: PC.PS3.PS4.X360.XOne | Square Enix, Airtight Games