Review | Mafia III

So this game is already out for a while now. I have seen the presentation at Gamescom last year. And was really blown away by it. But since then and it's release there have been a huge amount of negative talking about the game. Mostly because of the bugs inside the game, and random crashes you can encounter during playing the game. None the less it's priced down quite much now so I had a change to give this game a spin.

The setting is well done again. It seems like every Mafia game is a step-up from the last. And graphical wise it really is 'on the mark' ! The whole thing of 70's New Orleans with all the typical events and landmarks of New Orleans are in there (in some way). The cars and weapons are from that era. The whole political/skin-color thing is woven into it. They have already got some talks ongoing again with this game and skin-color was certainly one of it. A lot of people forget that it is a game. And a gamer who can't see the game for the way it is, is stupid (to say the least). Offcourse there is somewhat a truth in how the game sets the tone. And it's the 'drive' for the whole game, it sucks you in and never let go.

Till so far the missions have been diverse enough. More or less on the level of Grand Theft Auto V. The map is huge, and there is a lot to do. The characters you encounter on your way through the Mob are detailed well. Even the guy from Mafia II makes his appearence quite often (Scaletta). Narrators bound you the story early on. And give you a background which is nice, but sometimes a bit too long or to obvious, or even bring you off speed. But then the bugs. There is a wide variety of bugs. Not all of them are irritating thankfully. Most of it is down to the AI, which could be a lot better. In the previous installments they were on there toes. Now they point in the wrong direction. But it can also be that a part of a mission is missing. Or comes in later. Or the respawning is off. Even missing sound or vehicles stuck in the ground. But most of it is bareable. The game-crashes aren't they happen at random.

Once I have my back-log worked away I will give this game a spin on my PC as well. Till so far I owned every Mafia title. So this has to be on my shelf as well. Maybe during Steam Summer Sale ? (So I can do a Re:Play).

October 2016: PC.PS4.XOne | 2K Games, Hangar 13