Re:Play | Mafia II

So I have already did a Preview and Review on this when it came out in 2010. But I re-owned it a while back (when I got a Xbox 360) and sold the game later. And now it was free with Xbox Gold. So I thought: okay this game wants my attention for coming back this many times. So I have it now yet again on my Xbox 360... So when I owned it briefly on the PC I did it on easy. When I re-owned it on my Xbox 360 I played the game on easy and almost after that on medium. This time it's set on hard-mode.

So the game still looks good, after almost five years. Okay the textures are a bit out-of-date. But the overall graphic-quality is solid. The explosions and fires are top-notch even, still are. The diversity in weaponry is small. But the guns you do have, do the job. A simple Colt handgun, is more then once the saviour in nasty situations. And a shotgun is always in reach. However, the original Mafia game from August in 2002 had some things that made Mafia different from all the other open world games. (At that point not too many, GTA). Now with Mafia II they traded these things in for graphics and story it seems.

As a comparison the things you did have in Mafia but don't have in Mafia II: The police who will pull you over or arrest you for running the red light. The same organisation, doing the same thing when you are speeding. The cars require refueling from time to time. A fair amount of missions. After the story is done you have odd-jobs. A train to get you from one side/part to the next. A race-track. And the option to do a free-roam, free of missions and stuff, and just cruise around. Okay the police will still catch you for speeding or shooting or after a mission gone south. But when you are speeding in the other direction, they don't give a damn. And the refueling was irritating in the first Mafia (from time to time), but now you don't have to ! You still can refuel but it isn't required ! The cars seem to refill them self overnight :p

Eitherway the game has, as said, a good story and nice graphics. And a gameplay which does give replay value (otherwise I wouldn't be doing this). But it doesn't give it that much as with the first Mafia. And for a normal gamer it only gives one session of playing. And with already a hand full of other open-world games this isn't a good thing. The missions are diverse. There is one link to Mafia, as you kill the original player-character from Mafia, but besides that there is nothing that cuts back to it. And the mission it self is quite thin. The ending of the game is solid. But some contacts are un-used or used once/twice perhaps. The setting: italy, snow, summer, prison :| is nice and does add something. But the only reason for me to play on hard-mode is for the achievements/challenge. After that I might didge it again. Because the DLC ain't worth it, as far as I know.

P.S.: The original developer of the first game: Illusion Softworks were rebranded in 2007 to: 2K Czech. The original publisher: Gathering of Developers (Godgames) were bought by 2K, also in the '00's. So the original team has still did there job on this title. Around 2 months ago I found the news that Mafia III was in the works (as the rumour said). The publisher in that case will be Rockstar, but the developer will still be 2K Czech. And is bound to set in Louisiana. But besides that there is nothing known about the game... If we do our math it should mean that we may see this 3rd installment somewhere around 2018 !

Aug '10: PC.PS3.X360 | 2K Games, 2K Czech