James & Mike Mondays | Burnout 3 Takedown

Now I've played this game when I started to look-out to buy an original Xbox Console, with the original (big) controller. Together with the first Forza Motorsport it was one of my favorite racers. Even more so then Need for Speed at the time. Okay it took me quite a while to own that Xbox. And have sold it afterwards (when I was done with these 2 games). And now I own a Xbox 360 Slim, only one Xbox 360 version after that one. Don't own a Burnout game on it. But Need for Speed, WRC and Forza Motorsport I have/had. My last Burnout title was: Burnout Paradise the Ultimate Box on the PC. An awesome racer as well. But Burnout 3 Takedown remains my favorite.

Then more about this item from James & Mike. James we know as the Angry Video Game Nerd. Mike is the one behind the camera most of the time. And doing production stuff. And they both have the website Cinemassacre. There are a couple of game items on there YouTube page. And one of these items are James & Mike Mondays. It's basicly a Let's Play. And they even do modern-based games. But the main core lays in the retro-gaming on the NES and SNES and GENESIS (etc.).