Preview | Hard Reset Redux

I played the demo from the 2012 version today. And the trailer above I've seen a couple of months back. The game is made by the same team who is known for the reboot of Shadow Warrior. And they are making Shadow Warrior 2 at this moment. But they have done Hard Reset before (in 2011 for PC only). The Extended version from that game came in 2012. Now 4 years later there is a Redux. Which means nothing else then a return/reboot for the game. You can't talk about a franchise just yet. Because there is the original, the extended and now the return to... If you played the 2012 version you have played the 2011 version and also (I recon) the 2016 version. Everything about the trailer says it. Weird enough when I first saw it I thought WOW! Painkiller meets TimeShift. The weapons made me think of Shadow Warrior. Which you might know: I hate Shadow Warrior (the reboot that is). So was the demo good ? Well considering it's a 2012 demo, yes. Considering the level of modern FPS games, no! I guess you will have to decide for yourself if the game is worth it. I will leave it with this Preview.

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