Review | Grand Theft Auto V (PC)

So 1,5 years after the release on the previous Gen. And a 0,5 year after the first two Next-Gen releases it was finally time for the PC in April. I already have quite some hours into the game. Not as much Online yet. So I might do a special about that sometime during this first half of the year. But the game it self is great ! Rockstar can't do many things wrong. So let's get them out of the way first. You can't upgrade every vehicle. Burgershot and Cluckin' Bell are closed once more. No half-pipe stunt jobs like GTA San Adreas had. No sport schools like GTA San Andreas, which would be actually nice... Because you can still see the one on the beach part of the map. Didn't re-use the whole San Andreas map. Only the desert/mountain and Los Santos area. They made flying harder in the game. (But in the PC it's manageable). You are dead faster. Some glitches that should have been left out for sure. You had enough time for it Rockstar ! Installment is taking quite long on the PC. But hey every DLC will the day of the release was in it.

Eitherway there is much more right with this game. The online mode has been re-done. Which is awesome. It makes much more sense now. The DLC they bring out is for free. Which many developers could learn from. The first person mode in the Next-Gen is quite handy while walking around the city, driving (from time to time) and shooting for sure. The characters in the game are diverse and hillarious. The (SPOILERS !) characters from the previous installment are well transferred and are even recalling things from IV ! You can even choose Niko as your farther for GTA Online... The diversity in cars is awesome. The fact you can go to the top of Mount Chilliad by cable-cars is awesome. And a real + for the game in comparision to the useless cable-car from IV ! The animals are a nice extra to the game. And that you can even hunt for the animals is nice for a change. But they can also be a pain in the ass. The return-extra's are a nice bonus for people who played the previous Gen. (And were waiting for the Next-Gen). The character switching is nice, and works well. Only I would like more freedom from it. The missions are diverse and that for a game with there main goal on heists, it's a good thing. You can discover a lot in the game: Random encounters. Collectibles (which are most of the time easy to find with some assists). Rampages are fun with Trevor once more, but could have been more. The property's you can buy really have something from GTA Vice City. And can be used in your favor, instead of only money-spending. The graphics are awesome. Even more so on PC. They really did a better job on the engine this time. Okay sometime glitches. But in comparison you have a fair amount of draw distance even in Online. The flight school is a nice plus. The military is nice to have it back, and steal from them. The loading times are brought back to min., but when you have them they can be pretty long. The cops are hard on you (and sometimes they shoot to perfection). It's real nice/great ! It took me while to get into the atmosphere of the game. But once in it, it's cool ! You can really escape from the cops. Everything has a use one way or another. And there is enough to do. And then the expansion isn't even there yet.

Already on: PS3.PS4.X360.XOne, Out now (April): PC | Rockstar Games, Rockstar North