Review | Grand Theft Auto V (Next-Gen)

So I haven't been able to get my hands on the next-gen version of GTA V. But I came across certain things on the web. That shouldn't stay behind cover... So first of all there is the 1st person view in all next-gen versions, even in the PC version (that comes later). I saw some footage already from it, and it looked good / to be working good. One thing many of you didn't recon was that the 'sex' scenes will now also be viewable from 1st person. No you don't see much. So there is a believe it won't change the ESRB rating (quite impossible as well). Next up is the Day-one GTA Online patch. This will be 1.14GB of download, required to play online. Some have encountered a bug with it tough. So we will see it fixed. But it's a bit sloppy from Rockstart after all these problemes on the X360 and PS3 ! But when you do get online you will be able to transfer your account from X360 or PS3 towards the next-gen. With all the necessary things: RP, Money, etc.

Then there is this thing with Online Heists. Promised by the people of Rockstar since the launch of GTA Online. It will come shortly after todays release, for all platforms. And so it will also come standard with the PC version next year. Then there is also the 4K graphical support for the PC, that will come along with it. And all the next-gen versions will have 162 more songs then the last-gen version. Already thought that I saw new stations. But it ain't the stations that much. It's the amount of songs that has grown. Along all these new tracks are for example: Black Velvet by Alannah Miles, Burning Heart by Survivor, Gimme all your Lovin by ZZ Top, We Built This City by Starship, I Got 5 on it by Luniz, The Next Episode by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, Still Dre by Dr. Dre, and many many other familair and unfamilair tracks...

But that isn't all (I must stop sounding like a TellSell guy)... For the people returning towards GTA V on the next-gen (PC or Consoles) there are a couple of extra's the other's won't get: The Dodo, Imponte Duke O'Death, The rail gun and hatchet, a murder solving game, stock car races, wildlife photo challenge (which unlocks the Kraken Sub), poko the monkey references/collecting game, Xero Blimp and Marshall Monster Truck.

So that's almost it, I have almost covered everything from GTA V, around the PC release I will return once more... With a in depth Review to cover it all...

Out now: PS4.XOne, 27 Jan '15: PC | Rockstar Games, Rockstar North