Re:Play | Grand Theft Auto V (Part 1 of 2)

So this is the first time I put a Re:Play in self-made video-form in the Games section. The video explains it self to you. Below the YouTube description of this video...

The video is quite self-explaining. But as I mentioned in the first part of this video, here is the link to Mr. Boss FTW's item about force-spawning the Sandking XL: (It doesn't work as well as back then, but still works enough to mention it).

CAUTION: I don't own the rights to the game, and/or the music. I only shot this footage to show it towards others interested in this kind of stuff. And to use it for my website, for a "Re:Play" item. All the rights for the Game goes to Rockstar. And all the rights for the in-game Music goes to there respectfull owners/creators.

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