Re:Play | Grand Theft Auto V (Bonus)

Below the YouTube description for this 3rd Re:Play video... containing GTA V/GTA Online.

This is the last part (Bonus Part) of GTA V / GTA Online. From 31st of January - 13th of February the discount is still in place, for CEO office, cars, weapons, vehicles, etc. The transfer option remains open till the 6th of March. So if you have still a previous gen' account move towards the next gen' (and download a lot of DLC's in addition to it).

* The rest of the annotations and such, I will add later. Just wanted this video in the air... *

CAUTION: I don't own the rights to the game, and/or the music. I only shot this footage to show it towards others interested in this kind of stuff. And to use it for my website, for a "Re:Play" item. All the rights for the Game goes to Rockstar. And all the rights for the in-game Music goes to there respectfull owners/creators.

P.S.: If you want to add me on Rockstar's Social Club look for: jc_hans. If you want to join my crew look for: Fair and Square / or look for the crew tag: FASQ. And for Xbox (Play) Anywhere / Xbox gamertag you should look for: HJC86.

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