Special | Gamescom 2016

So Gamescom 2016 was last weekend (thursday till sunday, 4 days long). And I was there for the first time with some friends. It was also my first big event I was going to. (I have been to exibits like this before but they were small). So above there is this small impression that I made about Gamescom. And I will do some stuff now in text-form as well.

So Gamescom is huge. 10 Halls, where 3 of them are for the media and 1 hall for entrance to Gamescom for people with a pre-orderd ticket (me). So that makes 6 Halls for the public to see/go through. Some publishers (/developers) had pretty big stands: Playstation VR, Blizzard, Ubisoft, EA, Square Enix, Microsoft (Xbox One), 2K. Were Square Enix was the let down basicly. It had some nice games. But it didn't use the space as well as the others. There were also some medium stands like GranTurismo Sport (Playstation 4) and Farming Simulator 17. But the best stands, in my eyes, was: Mafia III (2K) and Sniper Elite 4 (Rebellion). Sniper Elite 4 was not a big stand at all. But they used the space very well. The queue was outside of the stand marked by white tape (which a lot of stands had, but didn't work well for others). Inside a small area for the dev. team and the rest of the stand were 2 rows of Playstation 4 pods with the playable Alpha Footage of the game. So a couple of games I couldn't check which was unfortunate. But the queue was way to big to spend much time with it: Deus Ex Mankind Devided, The Climb, Battlefield 1, Dishonourd 2, Prey, GranTurismo Sport, and some more I can't recall. So what did I do ?

Well I checked out all the shops o'course. Because that was one of the two floors in Hall 5. A lot of stuff, quite expansive as well. I did check out Forza Horizon 3 on the new Xbox One S. Silence (THQ Nordic). Some Kalypso Games, who are known for Airline Tycoon. Some indie titles. WRC6, which is terrible again. Bound was something that looked nice but played horrible. Sniper Elite 4 as mentioned, my game of the convention for sure as I played it twice. Overwatch from Blizzard. Black Desert Online. And I saw some games like: WatchDogs 2, Mafia III, Detroit, Scalebound, Some indie stuff.

All and all a great experience. As far as I know now I will go next year as well.