Special | Flash 13

It has been a while, since I posted a flash game. This time I have two games for you.

AGAR | (in full) is an adictive game that I found at PC Gamer this evening. It's somehow a bit like Spore (the early stage). And it also has something from Eufloria (if I remember it correctly). You can add a nickname, but it isn't necessary. You can also connect it to the known/populair social sites. Became curious, click here, it also comes to Steam when the Green-light round is completed.

FLOW | flOw is almost the same, only a bit more like Spore. And in comparison to Agar you can only grow bigger and bigger. And don't have to pay attention that much... Curious ? You can download it through the official website. Or you can click here for the online version.