Special | E3 2015 (part 2)

So a bit later then promised but the Steam Summer Sale crossed my screen this weekend... More on that in this weeks (upcomming) Summary 24 ! So let's do the rest of this years E3 in this part, part 2.

ANNO 2205 | Do you also love these games who are set in the far-future. So you can't know for sure it will be like that...?! Well some people do. Anno 2205 is the next installment in the Anno franchise. I played one old version of Anno years ago. Some are really hooked to this title. So if you are curious about this, it looked real nice. And it's on the Moon ! It was however only cinematic and announced by Ubisoft.

ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED | This game set in the Dino-age has my attention since I saw it. It's online only. And has some nice things, that could work out. You can already go on Steam and get an Early Access to the game. The game looks awesome. And for what you can do in the game, it IS awesome. But I don't know for sure yet.

ASSASSINS CREED: SYNDICATE | Another installment in the series ? Well yeah... appearently it still sell's quite much. It was not playable on the E3, so only shown in cinematic. And that for a game that should come out in October this year. It doesn't look promising that way. Ubisoft did say they will take more time with it. And do it right this time, unlike Unity. It will be focusing around the year 1868.

FABLE LEGENDS | Now this can be interesting. Instead of 1st/3rd person this game does it different. It's a multiplayer/co-op game. You have 4 heroes-classes which you can pick from. And the 5th player in the session will be the villain. That last one will see the game from a top-down perspective. (Also Xbox Smart Glass compatible). The rest will see the game like you are used to with Fable. The game will come to Xbox One and PC. And hopefully they will be mixed.

FALLOUT 4 | More atmosphere then the 3rd part of the franchise. Looked more interesting. But still in the same vibe-setting. So quite anxious to know more about the game...

FORTNITE | Not much to say about this PC Exclusive title. Epic Games does something different then Gears of War, that's is for sure. Nothing seen from it (on the E3), it wasn't playable. But somehow I look forward to another Epic Games-Game. It's a somewhat tower-defense game with Gears of War touches.

FOR HONOR | I don't like the viking / rome age-style. But this game could be interesting. You play in the rome-age/viking-age and ninja-age. And it looks awesome ! The only point of critics I have is; why does Ubisoft make this title ? What did they before in this genre ?

JUST CAUSE 3 | Not my game actually. But it looks awesome. And you can do a lot in the game. And it's bound to be even better then part 2 of the franchise.

KILL STRAIN | This I can't explain you should watch.

MAD MAX | This could be a Movie-based game that's fun to play. And Avalanche Studios are known for Just Cause. So it could be the team for this game, to make it awesome !

MIRROR'S EDGE CATALYST | Main reason of dis-interest: open-world. Why has to be everything open-world like ? You won't be able to pick up any guns. Which is somehow good because in the first installment you could use them, but poorly. This is a prologue, as far as I heard. So don't know how they are planning to do this. But could be fun if you are into this game.

RARE REPLAY | The weirdest game on E3 perhaps. A replay-box from Rare for the Xbox One. Coming in August of this year. Perfect Dark, Battletoads, Banjo Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Viva Pinata, Kameo, etc. All titles from Rare and all of them coming to the Xbox One. But with the Xbox One supporting Xbox 360 backwards compatible games... Is it necessary ? Oh well it will be fun none the less, if you rent it, for sure. (30 Games in total).

RONIN | Is a Mark of the Ninja kind-a-game. With some parts that are unique for the game. It looks nice, and Devolver Digital can't f**k it up like Shadow Warrior or Serious Sam.

SHENMUE III | I know 2 people who like this from the start. And it was a suprise for them. The Dreamcast hit-wonder coming to the PC and PS4 ! Made by SEGA ! I didn't see a lot from it. But for a Kickstarter project it get's a lot of attention, that's for sure ! (Shenmue in 1999 and Shenmue 2 in 2002).

SEA OF THIEVES | Is a bit like AC Black Flag. But in a cartoon style and online. The footage looked awesome.

STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT | The game I played on the GameCube once is coming back. It looks amazing. And can be one of the view Star Wars titles I will play in ages (once more). And with EA and DICE you know what you can expect.

SUPER MARIO MAKER | Isn't this game way to much passed it's expiration date ? I mean come on, Nintendo you could have come earlier with this game. On like: the Nintendo DS or something... Still it could be fun. And lifts on the succes of community created levels.

THE WALKING DEAD: MICHONNE | Telltale Games come with another small Walking Dead game yet again. This time focused on a current character instead of outside the series character(s). Which could be good / should be good. Still not described when we can expect this...

YOSHI'S WOOLEY WORLD | Thank god the dragon is back. But in a world like Paper Mario ? (Only then with yarn). Oh well I guess there is a market for this. It looks refreshing, that's for sure.

XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X | Old-style-like-Japanese game. It looks great for a Wii U game. I hope it will make it's promise true. It looked a bit too cinematic.

HOLLOWPOINT | A 2D / 3D platformer. It looks amazing. And CAN be amazing as well.

HALO 5: GUARDIANS | A marine looking like and sounding like Castle (the TV series) in the trailer. An awesome looking trailer I might add. It looks like you play in a single-player team mode. In the hunt (?) for the Master Chief.

HOMEFRONT: THE REVOLUTION | The 2nd installment in the series. The first installment was terrible if you ask me. CryTek is onboard with Deep Silver to make this 2nd part of the franchise after THQ went down in the crisis. CryTek (this dev.) is known for the TimeSplitters remake. Which still need to be released. But appearently it will make Homefront 2 better. The trailer already looked more CryTek like. And hopefully the gameplay will turn-around enough.