Special | E3 2015 (part 1)

So the E3 is on the run already since yesterday. And some early press conferences before that from Microsoft and Sony (and the rest). I will already do some major things right now. The other things I will discuss in part 2 later this week. So be prepared I will do mostly Xbox and PC games. But certain other platform-games will also get my attention.

HITMAN | So Hitman as the title is called is the one that suprised somewhat. We knew that IO were busy with the game. And we knew it would be bigger then Absolution. But that it would be an open world is something new. It could work out for Hitman. As you will get jobs that can be re-done. But it will also feature jobs were you just will get one shot to kill the target. Contracts will re-launch into the game so that the community can add there self-made missions as well. Besides that I didn't saw any gameplay yet...

DEUS EX: MANKIND DEVIDED | Eidos has already made a nice progress with this game. No gameplay as well. But more footage of it. The world is more or less the same. Jensen did quit his job at Sarif. And is now with Interpol. The world is more on more fed with hatred against augs'. And Jensen must uncover a conspiracy type once more. Which is nice about the game is that you can now really do it sneaky. Even the boss battles. Which I did recon was the bald man in the last piece of the clip as the one from DEUS EX: THE FALL (which was the prologue before HUMAN REVOLUTION). This game should be in my collection once more. They can't go wrong with this basicly.

DISHONORED 2 | In this installment you will play as Emily. The daughter of the queen you were swearing to protect in part 1. The game looks better (all be it only a trailer). The powers and weapons are quite the same and have some tweaks. As far as I saw them. But the style has remain more or less the same. Quite curious if this game can keep us hooked to a game without Corvo.

RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER | The next installment after the (2nd) reboot of the series in 2013. Altough the first reboot was only continueing on the series as they were. And revamp the whole gameplay. (With Anniversary left out). This should be better. But instead I saw alot of QTE again (Quick Time Events). Just stop doing that Crystal Dynamics. Tomb Raider can be just as good without the damn QTE ! Besides that the GC teaser had nothing more to give. Only that it looked nice and such. But we are interested if the game has become longer and such. The story which was displayed has been done before, in there era (of Crystal Dynamics) so I hope you don't be to formilliar with the solution.

HORIZON: ZERO DAWN | Guerilla Games really proved them self with the Killzone franchise. It's one of the best if not the best shooter on Playstation as a whole. This game also will be exclusive to Playstation. And I guess they made a deal for it. And why not. It almost got my attention that much, that I would love to own a PS4 when it comes out. The setting that is mixing: Lost Planet, Jurassic Parc, and the Maya-age is really nice. It also has some creatures who are a rip-off from Half Life (with the watchers instead of walkers). The game looks awesome. And the gameplay looks good as well. Don't know if we are able to play it on anyhting else then PS4. But I would love to do so...

FORZA MOTORSPORT 6 | I won't say much about this game. Besides that this might be the reason for you to get an Xbox One. You have night races and weather changes finally ! And the game looks brilliant. Even the surrounding world has received a boost. Which is nice. Autovista has more cars to discover and more of everything basicly.

TOM CLANCY'S: THE DEVISION | So since the first teaser it has changed a bit. And we saw some in game gameplay for the first time. The textures have become worst then the first trailer announced/saw. The gameplay is still new, and can be great. But Ubisoft really should pay attention to detail, and making the came as they promise !

RAINBOW SIX SIEGE | The same goes for this basicly. The game looks cool, but with a game only focused on multi-player they should really deliver a lot. The house-mission is now something we have seen. And I didn't see that much new stuff just yet.

TOM CLANCY'S: GHOST RECON WILDLANDS | Openworld will the big killer of the game. The enemy never should see the ghosts so why let them walking trough the world ? In there ghost-recon-gear-suite ! The drone is back, the options are back. As we have seen from FUTURE SOLDIER. And the graphics are better. The game should be longer tough then that installment. And hopefully it is.

DOOM | The game that was cancelled not to long ago. Has made it's return. The game will get an revamp and with that a simple title called: DOOM. What the game displayed in gameplay and teaser is awesome ! And got me hooked for the game. I saw some weapon upgrades. Some improved weapons. Some finishing moves. Nice looking world(s). And overall some nice new things to do. (Community multiplayer maps, who have something away from Quake).

NEED FOR SPEED | The reboot from the series ? After they already rebooted the Hot Pursuit part of the franchise ? Why not give us something new, like Rivals or The Run ? Instead this should mix Underground and Need for Speed Most Wanted with each other. Thankfully some custom things to do. And it looks like Underground as well. But besides that not much to tell. Which is bad. Cinematic things in game are never good for a Need for Speed. So hopefully it will not be a big deal for the game.