Re:Play | Duke Nukem 3D (incl. expansion packs)

A new kind off item which I hereby introduce into the Games section: "Re:Play | ..." Starting off with a game I already played in the good old days of Windows 95/98: Duke Nukem 3D... The game was on sale during one of the Steam Sales. So I bought it ! It even has all the expansions with it. Atomic, Life's a Beach, and all the others. So is this game still good after so many years ?

Well Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition (as it is called) has all the expansions for it. Because it is on Steam it even has a fair amount of modders, who make custom maps. And the fact you can still play this on now-a-days PC's is a bigger plus. So keep that Windows 95/98 in the basement ! So the original Duke Nukem 3D and the Megaton Version are the same as the game from back then. The Megaton is just an upgrade version of the game, which makes it better playable on modern PC's. Then the expansions. That was some real fun ! I never played the expansions, I only knew about them. So you have Washington D.C. setting, were the last mission is in fact: rescueing George Washington. You have a Beach setting were you even have water pistols and such. And most of the time hula-girls, instead of hookers. The last mission in there is facing the same end-enemy from the original Duke Nukem 3D but then in a hula-skirt and with an eye patch. And Nuclear Winter let's you beat up the posessed Santa in the end.

So yeah, is this game any good ? Well if you are a fan of old school shooters, then yes. If you are a fan of Duke Nukem and you didn't like Duke Nukem Forever, then yes. If you just want a vibe of the old days, yes ! So to cut it short. It's still good and an amuzing game to play. Even after all these years, on a modern day PC.

20 Mar '13: PC.PS3.PSVita.Mac | Devolver Digital, 3D Realms