Special | Deus Ex: Mankind Devided

So it took some time for me to get a hold of this game. And still I don't own it myself. But a friend of mine does - as it was on sale. So I was already looking forward to this game. And after playing the first two or three missions I still am. Right from the start: it's already harder. The interface has been slightly changed (not to my liking tough). Weird enough the first big mission is not something you can succes at (spoiler) ! And that is too bad. Were in the previous game of this series you could (Human Revolution).

The next mission there is enough sneaking to be done. And you can fullfill it in different ways. I didn't even see every route yet. So the levels are even more complex this time (as far as I've seen). Some of the weapons have gotten a slight upgrade. The whole hacking thing has gotten a new look. Overall, from the short time I played it (almost 1,5 hour) I do like it. And I will buy it eventually after I get rid of mine back-log.

September: PC.PS4.XOne | Square Enix, Eidos Studios Montreal / Nixxes Software BV