Review | Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is a game which can't be find in the database of IGN (most of the time my walking-stick when it comes to information about games). So I came across this game on Steam. In the free-section. Have you ever played Cookie Clicker or Make it Rain ? (The last one a swipe-game on the Smart Phone). Well then you might like this. It has 'stolen' more from Cookie Clicker tough. In comparison to that there are some points different: you don't see the units/ upgrades near the monster (instead of the giant cookie). You have different kind of monsters and every 5 levels or so you will have a zone-boss. Which you must defeat with clicking/attacking in 30 seconds. To do this faster you need to upgrade your army by 1, 10, 25 or 100 units at once. All these different units have there specialty. For instance one of the earlier units has a specialty to give you a 30 sec. bonus clicker. And the other (that comes around later) gives all your units 20% more DPS (damage per second). Once the game has closed down, the monsters will continue. And when you come back you get a version-note (the game gets updated regularly) and a summary of how many your army-troops have gathered. This has no limit, so you can let them go and do the stuff for you while you go for a week of holiday ;) The animations of the enemy are hilarious, as are there names. The troops that are helping you are also having weird names from time to time. And if you think you can't handle a zone-boss yet, then you co back a level and collect more money. It's both simple and addictive.

The clip above is from a already known You Tuber (for me anyhow): Skyzm. Who gives you a quick tutorial of the game by playing it himself for the first time.

Out now: PC | Playsaurus, Playsaurus