Review | Carmageddon Reincarnation

So Stainless Games is back. The makers from the Carmageddon franchise needed a kick-starter event for this tough. So is that a good thing ? Well on it's own it is. If they don't have the resources and still want to make a carma-game. Then they can expect some funds from people who are interested / are fans of the franchise. But huge side-note ahead. If they use that for making a remake then there should be somewhat co-operation between the fund-raisers and the people who are making it. And when you start playing this game. Then you don't feel like that has been the case, not even once.

Personally I only have seen Carmageddon in action once. And player Carmageddon 2 till the end. The rest was terrible, as far as I heard, so why bother playing that. But this can be added to the bad list. It has some nice touches, which you could like. But overall it's worse then the previous installments (after Carmageddon 2). The cars handling is quite simple: wrong. They handle quite heavy but cornering isn't there specialty. And you need to upgrade every car to get it a bit driveable. The people on the streets are with less then in previous installments. The upgrades are quite far from the actual race-line. But the worst of it all: the world seems to be stuck in the Windows XP-era. It's not as bad as on the N64 or the TDR2000 version. But still, it could have been made better (with the amount of cash they have got). The cars look good, so why not did some work on the surrounding as well ? Some pieces in the world are looking okay. But other parts are just made out of a card-game-house-type. I expected more by now...

Then the gameplay it self. To 'pimp' your car you need points / upgrade tokens. Both can't be collected that easy. Points are the easiest of the two. Upgrade tokens are shattered over the whole game world/map. So you are better off buying/unlocking other cars. And drive them. The cars are still diverse enough. But even on that front I expected more from the people who came up with Die Anna and Max Damage. The points you are collectiong keeps you going in Career. (Like the old days). But one major difference, not that easy anymore. You really need to re-do some of the races to get any further. And that's just BAD ! It should be like that on hard settings perhaps, but not on easy. The loading times are hideous as well. As far as I saw and heard it's the same with a SSD drive in it (and the game installed on that). And the game even can't handle it's own effects it seems. I heard about it, but even found out my self. The game is lagging tremendously. Even offline ! And not even consistant but just in random corners/pieces of the track/world.

All together you would expect more from a title with enough funding in the Kick-starter days of this project. They even have (or had) enough for a Console version. Which is still expected to being released. And then to imagine that this game even had an Early Access (and that the words were good in that phase). You would expect a game who can handle the requirements it's setting for it self. And looks next-gen at least. But none of this is the case. I hope, that the people on PS4 and Xbox One will get at least a better product. Otherwise it must get free for them. What ? They should be payed to play it, if that's the case !!! For real Stainless Games you should have let this tested by some real fans/gamers. Because clearly that wasn't the case in the Early Access (or you didn't do a thing with the feedback you get).

Out now: PC, TBA: PS4.Xone | Stainless Games, Stainless Games