Review | Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield is most of the time not the game for me. All the World War II and III has been done over and over. Bad Company can interest me from time to time. But it looses my attention as well, after quite some time. This however kept me hooked. Many others might disagree, and that is allowed. No hard feeling because of it.

Battlefield Hardline puts you in the shoes of a cop. With a new female partner you need to get crime ratings down. Every inch of the gameplay works pretty well to solid. It's weird however that someone like EA sill doesn't seem to know how to program the friendly-AI. The female partner stands in the way. Doesn't do a thing. Runs off into the gun-fire. It are the typical things for an old Ghost Recon game. Or Rainbow Six game, but not for someone with a lot of Battlefield titles. However the combat is good. The world seems nice (looks). You don't have to interrogate like in L.A. Noire (thankfully). The driving has been done well, boat or car - it doesn't matter.

So would this be a game for everyone of you shooter-maniacs ? No, it wouldn't ! Because it's different. But some of you might like it more/better... Yes it's over a year-old, but it keeps up well.

March 2015: PC.PS3.PS4.X360.XOne | Electronic Arts, Visceral Games (EA Games Label)