Preview | Anno Online

Now normally I am more of an Settlers or Age of Empires kind of gamer. Anno is a franchise I played once. But when I was recently looking for a free game on Steam I came passed this one: Anno Online. Released at the beginning of this month. It has more depth then the other two games I mentioned. And has a bit more comparison to Ceasar. Only difference, no religious buildings required. But the same vibe is around Anno Online. Some people on the community says it's a pay to win. But after (already) 4 hours of playing this game, I don't get the sense of it - that it is pay to win - okay it takes a bit of time, but I don't mind that. The building and animations are well done.

But I already have a few points of neutral/negative feeling for this game... The battle-system, where you hack and dice trough ships from the enemy is somewhat turn-based. It should be a bit more like Age of Empires in my oppinion. But maybe that is more personal-taste. Eitherway it's weird to only have 4 attack-slots, if you have more (or less) ships. And the animation you have with the buildings you don't have with the battles. Only some shots and fires. Nothing more. The other odd thing is the lack of information. Some things are well told/teached. But not everything. Not even all the buttons have tool-tips. Which is weird for such a game. And there is this main-side-bar. Even when you launched the game. Which is quite irritating. Cause with this you can't do much. But one of the things is quit. This should be part of a menu. And you should get a save-warning or something at least. But it's saved all the time. That's it. So interface-wise they should change a couple of things. But the main core of the game is solid. Building the empire.

In a couple of days/weeks I will have my Review moment (I guess).

Out now: PC | Ubisoft, Blue Byte